Welcome to Swaypay!

While in college, I got a deal on the Season 5 Finale of ABC’s “Shark Tank” with a prototype for my first product, BZbox, a collapsible storage box.


The drama from a Shark insisting that I wasn't an entrepreneur made me a top trend on social media. To my surprise, a frenzy of web traffic, media coverage, and sales ensued.

This sparked my passion for social commerce and I became fixated on figuring out how to leverage social media to drive sales. It always came down to getting more people who loved our products to share them with their friends.

That sparked the idea for Swaypay!




Still sound unreal? Check our press.press.press.press.

Swaypay is a payment option that plugs into storefronts and lets shoppers use social media posts as currency directly at the point of sale.

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