sales = sanity
views = vanity
swaypay delivers sales.

get your brand on swaypay, a new shopping rewards app where everyday gen z shoppers earn cash back rewards for buying stuff they love and posting about it on tiktok.

our #1 priority is to deliver sales.
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influencers > plebs

did you know that shoppers who see authentic user-generated content are 4x more likely to convert into paying customers and have 28% higher order values? Our swaypayers are real shoppers eager to earn cash back in exchange for posting about their real purchases on tiktok.
how it works for shoppers

how swaypay benefits your brand

grow through customer advocacy & trust
get customers,
not just views
increase affinity,
drive higher aov
stay ahead of rapidly growing trends
platform features

reach more than 200M gen z shoppers

reach platforms with more than 200 million shoppers through our swaypayers who amplify their purchases to their followers.

never lift a finger
thanks to our fancy
shmancy technology

using AI and machine learning, our fancy shmancy technology matches the right swaypayers with the right brands. we analyzes your niche carefully to deliver cash back offers to our swaypayers who are excited to buy your products. our tech automatically verifies purchases and makes sure their posts match your requirements.
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gen z will make up 60% of the consumer market by 2025. accelerate their purchasing power while serving their desire for creative content that informs and entertains, powered by swaypay's world-class zeo-party marketing technology.

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