hi, I'm kaeya, founder and ceo of swaypay. ty for your curiosity re: joining our team.

check here to see our open roles, or email me at kaeya at swaypayit dot com if you have something unique in mind.

Why Swaypay?
🚀 Gen z is in charge of setting trends and the rapid pace at which they get picked and and discarded by the world. This was in motion already, but significantly catalyzed by TikTok - where you've got 24 hours to a week tops to hop on a trend or fade into oblivion.

🎵 The clock is always TikToking. For example, it's July 30th 2022 today as I'm writing this. Check out Nigo Lost and found freestyle by Tayla

👀 The sound was at 442 million views on TikTok and had a huge week this past week.

💃🏽 TikTokers like Shannalee used the sound to show something off

📹 First using a 3 second video, then 2 seconds of photos and finishing it off with a 1 second video

💀 Of course, by the time you're reading this, this trend has been discarded for the next one, and then next one, and the next...

🧠 Gen Z just intuitively knows what to do because they are native users of TikTok and drivers of culture telling stories through music.

👯 TikTok spearheaded the shift to a more democratic, creative, and collaborative expression of the internet. In order for brands to exist in the new world, they have to speak the language, understand the trends, and join in real time.

💡 It's pretty obvious that the most sensible thing to do is to let gen z's take the wheel - hence why not one brand I've pitched to date has turned Swaypay down.

⚡ Our eyes are locked on the overarching power shift from billion dollar corporations to individual consumers - from soulless marketing that served only to sell a product - to real people telling real stories.

🤫 And trust me when I say there is more to Swaypay than meets the eye.

🔋 Powered by Swaypayers, commerce will never be the same.

Designed & built in Chicago
We love calling Chicago home, and we think you will too. But we embrace remote work too. Whatever floats your boat!
Inclusive workplace
Swaypay looks to promote diversity in its workforce by embracing a culture of inclusion and celebrating differences. We are committed to enhancing the culture at Swaypay through open communication and allyship.
Fast-paced & growing
Built on the belief that a good idea can come from anywhere, we pride ourselves on fostering a fast-paced workplace with open communication, transparency, and collaboration with a high-performing team.

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This list isn't always up to date, tbh. Reach out to our co-founders kaeya@swaypayit.com (ceo) matt@swaypayit.com (cto) if you're interested in joining us.