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99% of gen z skips ads. ZPM shifts your ad dollars to your shoppers
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tap into the power of zero-party marketing with swaypay's army of gen z shoppers eager to buy stuff -> tiktok it -> get paid

pssst swaypay turned 1 on nov 4 and we're already well on our way to unseating the world's #1 cash back app with 17x more shopper reach under our belt

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why now? "the great tiktokification"

CreativeX analyzed 1 million digital ads representing 1 TRILLION impressions and $1B+ in ad spend across a 2+ year period.

🔍 their top insight: creative is the #1 factor to earn attention, drive emotional response, and earn gen z trust.

it's no coincidence that the avg engagement on tiktok is 18% vs brand creative on ig is below .5% - tiktok unleashed the power of creativity and proved that the most entertaining content comes from individuals, not board rooms. the future-proofing of brands begins with the radical decentralization of brand narratives from real people sharing real stories

Boring oceanspray ad


Viral tiktok: oceansprayPicture taken in Orange County, CA of empty shelves for oceanspray


zPM puts customers at the helm

tiktok accelerated the shift to democratic, creative, and collaborative expression and gen z's intuitively know what to do...so we designed an efficient engine for brands to put their customers in the cmo seat

take a closer look
  • cost structure
  • effort
  • tracking focus
  • roi positive?
  • gen z trust
  • gen z attention
  • gen z purchasing power
  • traditional advertising
  • distribution basedCPC or CPL based
  • high
  • top of funnel(ie actions on facebook)
  • unknownCPC or CPL based
  • rock bottom
  • rock bottom
  • suffers
  • influencer marketing
  • random negotiation
  • high
  • views and likes
  • unknownpromo code based
  • medium⚠️ must be authentic
  • medium
  • suffers
  • zero-party marketing with swaypay
  • efficientanchored in cost per sale
  • lowset it and forget it, no technical integration
  • sales
  • always
  • highverified customers sharing verified purchases
  • high
  • 🚀 skyrockets your ad dollars go into their pockets
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START drivING "infectious Purchases" with our new ZPM Tiktok solution

⚠️ a swaypaid purchase is highly contagious - 5x more powerful than an ad

every swaypaid purchase comes a with a creative tiktok post, supercharging your brand's creativity, authenticity, and 🤞🏽 virality

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Swaypayers' collective TikTok audience


  1. sign up for swaypay in minutes via our self-service brand portal, no technical integration, pay on performance
  2. we repeat, no technical integration
  3. and we repeat, pay-on-performance

Coming soon: attract, convert, and retain swaypayers with personalized, gated in-app offers

swaypayers entrust us with unprecedented zero-party data so that we can enable our brands to inject more buying power inside the walls of our closed loop ecosystem. soon, our brands will be able to leverage our real-time purchase, behavioral, and trend data to deliver smart, relevant offers that inspire our swaypayers to act

earn share of wallet

90% of surveyed swaypayers said that they would buy more from brands that work with swaypay. and 72% revealed they are purchasing more frequently because of swaypay

evolve at the speed of culture

we surface rapidly growing trends early on and enable you to respond quickly and confidently with data-backed offers

thrive in a cookie-less future

swaypay captures granular consented data...all the way down to item level sentiment

passing up on zpm is a grave mistake

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gen z will make up 60% of the consumer market by 2025. accelerate their purchasing power while serving their desire for creative content that informs and entertains, powered by swaypay's world-class zeo-party marketing technology.

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