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Tap into our army of Gen Z shoppers eager to buy stuff they love and earn cash back by posting their purchases on TikTok. We make sure you get purchases, or you don't pay.
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*This is not guaranteed earnings. We also factor in your post quality to calculate your cash back.

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*This is not guaranteed earnings. We also factor in your post quality to calculate your cash back.


Q: Why Swaypay?
  1. Swaypay puts your business in a position to thrive by delivering personalized offers that attract new TikTok savvy Gen Z customers, and get your regular customers to come back more often with larger basket sizes.
Q: Does Swaypay require technical integration?
  • Nope! It takes more effort to think about getting your brand on Swaypay than it does to just try it out.
Q: What problem does Swaypay solve for brands?
  • Brands need to acquire Gen Z shoppers, but 99% of Gen Z's skip ads and influencer marketing is plagued with unclear ROI. Meanwhile, Gen Z has very little spending money but a lot of social capital, and 86% of them would post sponsored content for money. We saw a massive opportunity to create a new win-win business model that enables brands to re-route their digital marketing dollars directly into Gen Z pockets.
Q: What else should I know?
  • We're a young startup, just over a year old. Our product might look simple, but Swaypay's rewards engine underneath is cutting edge and we're working day and night to perfect it. Think of joining Swaypay today as a pilot partner - please be patient while we bend over backwards to deliver outsized value for our brands and our Swaypayers 🙏🏽


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