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Times have changed. Traditional ads don't work (99% of Gen Z skips them*) and neither does influencer marketing (84% of Gen Z has lost trust in influencers*).

But turns out 86% of Gen Z's would post sponsored content for money. Enter Zero-party marketing: authentic brand marketing driven by real customers who are empowered to create their narrative and are incentivized to spread it.

(Bulbshare Report* ; Edelman Trust Report**)

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get your brand on swaypay, Gen Z's NEW favE shopping rewards app

⚠️ a swaypaid purchase is highly contagious - 5x more powerful than an ad

Swaypay delivers Gen Z shoppers 5-20x more cash back than any other app by enabling them to earn cash back for TikToking their purchases.

Brands get happy customers who purchase more often, spend more, and socially share the brands they engage with, creating a new customer acquisition flywheel.

Swaypay tiktok postSwaypay tiktok postSwaypay tiktok postSwaypay tiktok post
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Swaypayers' collective TikTok audience

Did you know that only 16% of americans trust traditional ads, whereas 61% trust "a person like me"? source

our swaypayers are authentic customers posting authentic TikToks of brands they love

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Swaypay ROI Calculator

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Vs. same spend on traditional nano / micro influencer marketing:

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# Purchases: Unknown

*Generalized estimate. ROI varies brand to brand.

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gen z will make up 60% of the consumer market by 2025. accelerate their purchasing power while serving their desire for creative content that informs and entertains, powered by swaypay's world-class zero-party marketing technology.

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Q: Why Swaypay?
  1. Swaypay puts your business in a position to thrive by delivering personalized offers that attract new TikTok savvy Gen Z customers, and get your regular customers to come back more often with larger basket sizes.
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