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The better way to discount

Integrate Swaypay to transform your discounts from a cost channel into a profitable marketing channel
Check out some of the businesses using Swaypay to drive sales and brand awareness.
You get more out of promotions and discounts by offering them in exchange for social posts. Your shoppers get financial freedom with a new way to pay. Swaypay makes it easier than ever to increase both your conversion and your content.
13% increase in conversion with Swaypay's new payment option.
2X your branded Instagram content with Swaypay posts that can be reposted or used as ads.

How Swaypay payments work.

On each product page, shoppers learn that they can earn the best discount by posting on Instagram after receiving their order with Swaypay.
1. Unlock Discount

Shoppers discover Swaypay from a widget on your product page and enter their Instagram handle to check their savings.

2. Check Out

Shoppers checkout with Swaypay and pay their discounted price up front. Swaypay orders show up just like any other in your dashboard.

3. Post-Purchase

Swaypay sends education on how to post on Instagram and reminders to make sure they post.

4. Post

Shoppers have 30 days to post their purchase and meet your content guidelines otherwise they will be charged the remaining order balance.

Swaypay x Aeris

Swaypay is a killer 2-in-1 marketing and conversion tool and Aeris, a mission-driven anti-microbial tech accessory brand that gives back to healthcare heroes, hit home runs with both channels. Not only did Aeris see a 13% increase in conversion and 340% rise in month-over-month revenue, but their brand's mission to fight Covid-19 and support pandemic frontline workers spread like wildfire through passionate shopper posts. Co-Founder, Nick O'Brien sighted, "Swaypay gives customers a new avenue of earning discounts, which makes them feel like they have a cheat code while helping us gain attention on the backend. We’ve seen a big increase in organic content - a good amount is ad-worthy."

Swaypay x Made Au Gold

Creating content and building up social presence is critical to brand growth. It's also a massive undertaking. Gen Z favorite, Made Au gold, raked in high-quality Instagram content from shoppers that she could reuse with just a 15% average Swaypay discount offering - a game changer when you're a small businesses. Not to mention, Made Au Gold saw 124% lift in MoM revenue growth. "We were so lucky to be a part of a few brands to test Swaypay when it first launched. I find the concept genius and it really has helped our sales and exposure on Instagram," said Lea Ridenour, CEO of Made Au Gold.

Swaypay x Woof & Wild

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Effortless Integration

Getting up and running with Swaypay is easy. We can quickly intergrate with your Shopify store and use your existing Stripe account.
More coming soon...

Feature Checklist

All you need to know is right below.
Compatibility & Integration
Ecommerce platforms
Shopify, Shopify Plus
Show/hide function
Currency compatibility
Less than 10-minute account creation. Swaypay handles integration.
Shipping API
Coming Soon
Upsell Apps
Coming Soon
Rewards App Compatibility
Smile Rewards
Zero-fraud liabily, credit card encryption, no selling data
Seller protection
Customer Support
Automated emails
Order confirmation, education, and post reminders
Post Approval
Content team (real humans, not bots!) reviews all posts
Custom Discounts
Custom Post Requirements
Set required hashtags and tags for shopper posts
Cost/Pricing model
Up to 0.30 USD + 5.99% per transaction