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We promise what others can't - conversion.

Today's young shoppers are ambitious, creative digital natives. They are passionate about brands that offer quality, style and innovation, and align with their cultural values.


Swaypay is the key to harnessing your shoppers' creativity to increase their purchasing power and brand loyalty.


Experience incredible growth across all the key metrics that matter to your business.

And benefit from the growing community of Swaypay shoppers.


Conversion rate and top line sales up more than 12%


Up to 13% of all sales processed through Swaypay


Average of 9% engagement on Swaypay posts

How Swaypay Works


Install our Shopify app and add our payment button with just a few lines of code.


Determine the discounted rate and number of social posts you want to set.


Ship Swaypay orders. They'll populate just like any order in your dashboard.


Review posts. If customers don't post, they pay the remaining order balance.

What Swaypay can do for you

Increase top line sales

Swaypay increases the conversion rate of customers, generating higher top line sales and introducing new customers.

Join the Swaypay Network

Pass on the perks of giving your customers access to a huge network of merchants and reap the benefits of that access to new customers for you!

Increase repeat purchase

Swaypay provides the opportunity for customers to spend more and shop more often.

Increase likelihood of going viral

Get a constant stream of branded social posts at scale, speed and a fraction of the cost

Add Swaypay to your storefront today
Integrate in minutes with a few lines of front-end code

Increase your customers' spending power at checkout with the option to pay with social posts.

No changes to order management systems.

No changes to refund processes.

No changes to finance and reconciliation processes.

Join our world class waitlist of merchants.

Be of the first to join us in ushering in the next generation of social commerce.

Still sound unreal? Check our press.press.press.press.

Swaypay is a payment option that plugs into storefronts and lets shoppers use social media posts as currency directly at the point of sale.

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