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Transform discounts from a cost center to a profitable marketing channel

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Discounts that work for you, literally

Get more out of discounts and promos. Swaypay is the ultimate 2-in-1 marketing and conversion tool - generate higher top line sales, crush cart abandonment, spread brand awareness.

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Seamless integration. Easy to use.

Minimize your CAC

Stop dumping dollars into influencer marketing. Your shoppers are your most effective introduction to new customers.

Sell with, not to, your customers

Harness your shoppers' creativity to increase their purchasing power and brand loyalty.

Join the hundreds of retailers in line to get Swaypay on their storefront.

Swaypay retailers have benefited from:


Twice the number of branded Instagram posts with Swaypay


Up to 13% of all sales processed through Swaypay


17% engagement on Swaypay posts

Happy Swaypay Shoppers

How Swaypay Works


Create your Swaypay account and install our Shopify app


Determine the discounted rate and number of social posts you want to set.


Ship Swaypay orders. They'll populate just like any order in your Shopify dashboard.


Swaypay monitors and reviews posts. If customers don't post, they pay the remaining order balance.

Get in line to get Swaypay on your site today

Get set up within a week

Increase your customers' spending power at checkout with the option to pay with social posts.

Seamless integration with Shopify.

No changes to order management systems.

‚ÄčNo hassle finance and reconciliation processes.

Easily issue refunds.


Swaypay is a payment option that plugs into storefronts and lets shoppers use social media posts as currency directly at the point of sale.

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