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swaypay 101

How to post your Swaypay orders

Creativity is currency. Authentic quality posts make a big impact on the shops you love (and on your bank account, too!)
You must post your Swaypay order on your Instagram grid. Stories and reels are coming soon!

Here's some inspiration to help you post.

Make sure your products are in frame.
Get creative with your backgrounds!
swaypay 101

Post Requirements

1. Always include the tags @swaypayit and #swaypayit in your post as well as the tags required by the brand. You will find these in your Swaypay confirmation email after purchasing.

2. Have a private Instagram account? Accept the @swaypayit follow request so we can review your post.

3. Must post from the Instagram account you checked out with.Post within 30 days of purchase.Keep your post published for 30 days. You will be charged if you delete your post.

4. Must post original photos or videos that you have taken.

5. You cannot post stock photos or screenshots from the brand.

6. Must include your purchase in your post.

7. Ordering again from the same brand? Awesome! Be sure to create a new post for every new order.Swaypay posts must be posted to your Instagram grid. Stories and reels are coming soon!