Don’t think you’re an influencer? Think again.

Every single one of your social posts includLEARN es something you purchased which gives brands free marketing, and you get nothing in return. Now, with Swaypay, when you share, brands $hare.

Swaypay gives you the quickest and easiest way to turn your TikToks into cash back on stuff you already bought. Simply post about your purchases from participating retailers as you normally would, submit your posts to Swaypay, and earn cash back based on the quality and performance of your post.

Cash back apps that pay pennies are a thing of the past. Swaypay gives you the most...literally...by cutting you in on the billions of marketing dollars brands spend to acquire customers.

The more you sway, the less you pay.

How it works

1. Download Swaypay.
2. Send us your receipts.
3. Post your purchases on TikTok and submit your post links in the Swaypay app.
4. We’ll rate your post and issue cash back based on the quality and performance of your posts.
5. Easily withdraw your cash back from the Swaypay app.
6. BONUS: When your posts do exceptionally well, you get extra cash to gift to your friends.

How is this possible?

Psst...friends are the real influencers...in what we like, what we do, and where we go. IKYK brands are willing to pay for that. But referral codes are the worst. Swaypay is the best - because we made it sooo easy for you, and incredibly cost effective for brands.

How we’re different

Lots of companies do cash back. No one does it like Swaypay. Swaypay is a mashup of cash back and influencer marketing - for everyone. Other apps give you cash back or rewards on your purchases, and they might even pay you for inviting others, but that’s it. Swaypay is reinventing the gains.

-No fees.
-No points.

Swaypay can be stacked with other cash back offers and coupons. By all means, double and tripple dip with the cash back you get from Swaypay.