our technology unlocks modern day
word-of-mouth marketing at scale

leverage swaypay to shift your advertising dollars directly to consumers and generate more purchases, repeat customer visits, and positive brand propagation. really, it's that easy.

(authenticity & scalability) x (trust & control)

sign up in minutes
simple sign up process that takes 10 minutes and requires zero software integration, hardware, or long term contracts
we bring you customers
we leverage extensive data to generate hyper-targeted cash back offers to our users through our free mobile app that's proven to bring those customers through your doors
swaypayers purchase as usual from your business
all your operations stay the same. swaypay users take advantage of your promotions by claiming your offers in the Swaypay app, paying as-usual and verifying their purchase in our app
provide feedback on the posts our users generate
let our technology do the heavy lifting of reviewing and approving posts from our users. provide feedback as needed to train our engine and maintain quality and accuracy.
take the guesswork out of measuring performance
use your personal dashboard to see Swaypay transactions and social posts in real-time. you'll see important information like which customers are new and which are repeat, the additional revenue generated, and your return on investment.
tap into our proprietary intelligence
leverage our real-time purchase, behavioral, and trend data to deliver smart, relevant offers that inspire our swaypayers to act

earn gen z share of wallet

90% of surveyed swaypayers said that they would buy more from brands that work with swaypay. and 72% revealed they are purchasing more frequently because of swaypay. gen z will make up 60% of the consumer market by 2025. accelerate their purchasing power while serving their desire for creative content that informs and entertains, powered by swaypay's world-class technology.

evolve at the speed of culture

we surface rapidly growing trends early on and enable you to respond quickly and confidently with data-backed offers

thrive in a cookie-less future

swaypayers entrust us with unprecedented zero-party data so that we can enable our brands to inject more buying power inside the walls of our closed loop ecosystem. soon, our brands will be able to leverage our real-time purchase, behavioral, and trend data to deliver smart, relevant offers that inspire our swaypayers to act


hours saved / month
marketing teams spend on average 160 hours per month with running traditional influencer marketing programs


cost savings / post
swaypay saves brands on average $180 / social post due to cash back rewards model


marketing cost savings / year
swaypay saves marketing teams on average of 50% / year compared to running traditional influencer marketing campaigns

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