our ai and machine learning engine enables your marketing spend to flow directly into your shoppers' pockets, instead of zuck's

through our vision to become earth's ultimate equalizer for access and opportunity, we connect leading brands and retailers directly consumers, driving customers in-store and online to purchase more often, spend more by rewarding them with unbeatable cash back for posting about their purchases, creating a new customer acquisition flywheel for brands.

consumers get more purchasing power, businesses get sales and incremental brand awareness lift, communities are economically stronger

how your influencer campaign will work

landing page creation
We create a custom landing page catered to your brand image, Influencer posting requirements, and available free products to educate Micro Influencers on your campaign.
influencer accumulation
We perform extensive market research to identify your target audience and accumulate vetted Micro Influencers from our everyday Micro Influencer community.
campaign management
Once we source a group of targeted Micro Influencers for your campaign, we manage each relationship, making sure every Micro Influencer fulfills their required tasks on time.
product compensation
Each of our Micro Influencers are compensated with only products for their social posts which means they’re truly interested in your products. We also guarantee you don’t lose inventory.
curated content
We direct our Micro Influencers to craft authentic content that engages your ideal audience and provide you with full rights reusable media assets for marketing initiatives.
campaign analysis
We analyze the results from your influencer campaign and present you with a detailed report outlining influencer impact, effectiveness and key social media promotion metrics.

why you should work with micro influencers

Micro Influencer marketing is now a necessity for all eCommerce sellers. However sourcing influencers, managing collaborations, ensuring proper completion and analyzing results is hard. That’s where Stack Influence comes in.

we handle all your influencer logistics

We analyze your brand and source influencers catered to your niche and target market. We invite, educate, and support all influencers during the campaign. We finally prevent potential inventory loss and assess your social KPIs.

activate authentic social influencers

We have built out an in-house software powered by A.I. and thousands of human opinions to accumulate authentic influencers for your brand based on detailed psychographic, geographic and demographic analyses.      


hours saved / 100 influencers
Brands on average save 175 hours per 100 influencer collaborations by using Stack Influence.


payment saved / influencer
Swaypay saves brands on average $25 / Influencer due to product only compensation.


avg saved inventory loss
Stack Influence saves brands on average 15% of lost inventory expenses due to fraudulent influencers.

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