growth via customer trust & advocacy

acquire new customers. drive more revenue. pay on performance. exceed your marketing goals.
What we offer

take the guesswork out of measuring roi

swaypay enables brands to easily quantify marketing spend down to every transaction and benchmark performance against your competition all with an easy to use reporting portal.

accumilate authentic video ugc

seamlessly purchase licensing rights for use across any marketing channel. compared to professional photography, micro influencer content increases social media engagement by 78%, and generates 5X more paid media conversions.
Campaign Process

run gamified in-app offers

we surface rapidly growing trends early on and enable you to respond quickly and confidently with data-backed offers
Campaign Upgrades

social analytics & campaign analysis

You can expect a robust analytics report at the conclusion of every campaign with Swaypay. We analyze daily social impressions, engagement, likes, comments and follower data, giving you actionable insight into the campaign’s impact on brand affinity and awareness.

trade products for
social promotions

Our managed micro influencers are compensated with only products that match their profile and interests. This means that they genuinely value the products they are promoting, resulting in authentic testimonials and UGC, catalyzing real word-of-mouth conversions.
Our Pricing Plans

product collaborations
insured & guaranteed

Swaypay provides a turnkey, end-to-end management process. Imagine authentic social promotions at scale, without the headache. Our influencers campaigns are 100% guaranteed meaning if you don’t get a social promotion you don’t pay. We also ensure you don’t lose any inventory with our campaigns which no other platform offers.

no integration. no up front payment. onboard in minutes

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