The Only Way for Consumer Brands to Cheat Death By Gen Z: Radical Decentralization of Brand Control

Business leaders need to radically decentralize brand control and get real comfortable co-creating to gain the largest consumer market on earth with an estimated $33 Trillion earning power by 2030. This is exactly what Swaypay was designed to help them do.

There is a massive cultural divide between Gen Z and all other generations because Gen Z was born online – failure to understand this will leave brands far behind in a pivotal moment in history.

Gen Z is impacting not only culture but every industry at speed and scale through their digital behavior – but don’t look at them just as consumers…

Gen Z doesn't live on your e-commerce site; it's not where their sense of community and individuality is being formed - you have to actively seek them out and include them not for selling, but for sharing & co-creating.

Their digital connectivity enables them to build authentic communities built on real human connection which allows for greater immediacy and intimacy – by tapping into these communities through co-creation, brands can see, validate and amplify new market opportunities to solidify their place with Gen Z

Continuously adding value to your developing Gen Z audience is key, they must be rewarded…. this will build a competitive moat for building more relevant products, content, experiences and building closer communities that create lifetime value.