The Case for Zero-Party Marketing: Airbnb posts most profitable quarter ever

Airbnb cofounder & CEO Brian Chesky last year after losing money all of its life…“We took a billion dollars of marketing—primarily performance marketing—and we turned it off, and you know what happened? Almost nothing. And we realized our brand is stronger and more differentiated, and we’re gonna lean into our differentiation.”

And then Airbnb reported its most profitable quarter EVER, with a net income of $1.2 billion, up 46% year-over-year! revenue grew by 29%, at $2.9 billion in the last quarter, compared to $2.2 billion in the previous year's period. Absolutely incredible!! (source)

There have been historic first losses on global ad spending … as Yahoo Analyst Dan Ives said in a note to investors - "this week will go down in the history books of earnings season as one of Big Tech's worst and ultimately could be a 'fork in the road moment' for the stalwarts looking ahead“ (Source: Yahoo)

The fork in the road is zero-party marketing. The future experience is not about advertising, it's about real customers sharing authentic stories that people can relate to. It's about connection, sharing stories, inspiration, co-creation, community, and entertainment. It's because they see themselves in a shared experience -  what’s required to succeed is a total transformation that invite participation through storytelling.