TikTokified Creative is the #1 Factor for Brands to Earn Gen Z Attention

💻CreativeX analyzed one million digital ads, representing 1 TRILLION impressions and +$1 Billion in ad spend across a 2+ year period

🥇Here's their top insight: Creative is the #1 factor to earn attention, drive emotional response and create trust

🤔I can't recall the last time I saw a truly creative fashion ad... my take is that corporate creative is biased, uninspiring, tone deaf, and bogged down by layers of hierarchy and elite gatekeepers that actually shame rather than inspire the fashion consumer

😵‍💫Looking at Hulu's Victoria's Secret and Neflix's Abercrombie & Fitch Co. documentaries...

😶‍🌫️Keep in mind most of fashion's leaders come from this era... lip service to inclusivity is just that otherwise we would have more black and brown leaders in the C-suite, fashion that goes beyond a size 12 when 70% of Americans are a size 14 or higher, and more women in charge of an industry where they are the primary consumer

😑The Fortune 500 shows that women hold only 8% of CEO positions...

💗This is why I have loved TikTok from day one – TikTok gave the power to create to anyone – they gave real people simple and amazing tools to create videos, the power of music to aid in storytelling, and an algorithm that levels the playing field against billion-dollar corporations

🫂It is quite literally the platform of the people

🥳There is a reason avg engagement on TikTok is 18% and fashion brand creative on Instagram is below .5% - the power of creativity has been unleashed and the most entertaining content comes from individuals

📌TikTok is the final wake up call to the old fashion world dominated by lumbering legacy brands

🏃Corporate fashion execs are in an arms race to empower creative customers to take creative control. And my bet is on them leveraging Swaypay to make it happen.