Retailer FAQ

Getting Started

How do I get started with Swaypay?

Welcome to Swaypay! Please submit your application to become a Swaypay-enabled retailer here.

  1. If approved, a member on our team will reach out and give you access to account creation.
  2. Create a Swaypay account.
  3. 3. Sync your Shopify store.
  4. Connect with Stripe.
  5. Copy your shipping information from your Shopify store settings.
  6. Set your dynamic pricing, including discount scale, number of required posts and required tags.
  7. Grant access to Swaypay to integrate the Swaypay button to your Shopify store.
  8. Publish to set Swaypay live to your site.

How does Swaypay work?

Here's how Swaypay works for retailers:

  1. While shoppers are browsing your site and adding things to their cart, they keep an eye out Swaypay on product pages or at checkout.
  2. When shoppers see the Swaypay option, they simply plug in their Instagram handle to check their savings. For example, a shopper could pay for a $100 item through Swaypay with $60 and 2 Instagram posts, instead.
  3. Shoppers choose Swaypay at checkout and pay their dollar amount up front. In this case, $60. Their order is registered in your system and you ship it just like any other order.
  4. Shoppers have a window of time after receiving their purchase to complete their required social posts showcasing the item(s). The post must follow the Post Guidelines which Swaypay takes care of.
  5. Once shoppers complete their posts, they upload the link to their Swaypay dashboard.

If I don't use Shopify can I offer Swaypay?

Swaypay only integrates with Shopify stores at the moment, but our team is actively working on adding additional ecommerce platforms.

How much does Swaypay cost?

As a Swaypay retailer, you pay no additional or monthly subscription fees to use Swaypay. Swaypay retailers are only charged the cost of the Stripe transaction fee (2.9%). Swaypay takes 5% of each purchase processed using Swaypay. However, we are waiving our 5% take for your first year as a Swaypay retailer if you join as one of our first 50 early adopters. To inquire more about our early adopter package, please email

How does Swaypay pricing work?

You set the range of discounts you’d like to offer according to your shoppers' social influence. You may adjust them at any time under “Pricing” in your Swaypay settings. Our algorithm will measure many different factors based on a customer’s Instagram handle, from follower count to engagement and more. The amalgamation of these different factors will ultimately calculate the pricing. When a customer enters their Instagram handle, Swaypay’s algorithm will apply the correct discount to their cart based on their information. Our team is adding in new factors to our developing algorithm all the time, so look out for updates!

Is there a limit to how many times a shopper can pay with Swaypay?

Nope! Swaypay enables a virtuous purchase loop for shoppers who really love your products. Much like brand ambassadors, your Swaypayers are creating a long term relationship with you. We do suspend customers for failure to abide by Swaypay policies on a case by case basis. If this occurs, that customer will not be able to pay using Swaypay.

Who is responsible for fraud or defaulting credit cards if the second charge on the remaining balance doesn't go through?

This comes into play only when a shopper did not complete their post requirements and owes the remaining order balance. Retailers assume the financial risk of the auto-charge transaction not going through. We work with Stripe on all disputes. If the second charge does not go through on an order for any reason, you will not receive the remaining balance. We strongly recommend setting a range of discounts that you would offer anyways.

Where does Swaypay appear on my site?

  1. A Swaypay widget shows up on your product pages where shoppers can plug in their Instagram handle and check their savings if thy choose Swaypay.
  2. A Swaypay button shows up underneath the ‘Check Out’ button in your cart.
If you’d like to have the Swaypay button appear in additional places on your site, contact and our team can help you out.

What if a Swaypay shopper doesn't post?

If a shopper doesn’t post the required number of posts within the posting time frame and guidelines, they will be charged the remainder of the discounted price on the 31st day to the credit or debit card used for the initial payment. Swaypay will then process this balance to your account via Stripe. This will also show up in your Swaypay dashboard.

How do you know if a Swaypay shopper posted?

We require that Swaypay shoppers tag us in all of their Swaypay posts and include #swaypayit in their caption so we can verify their post and the order associated with that post. If they do not tag us, their post will not count.

Social Posts

What are the Post Guidelines?

Swaypay will review shoppers' posts for requirements and quality. If a shopper’s posts fail to meet the required post guidelines, we will work with them to ensure that they repost following the guidelines. Ultimately, if we are unable to resolve the quality concerns, we will automatically charge the remaining balance to the customer. Key Requirements:

  • Shoppers must post from the Instagram account they entered at Swaypay checkout.
  • Instagram stories and Instagram lives are not accepted. Posts must be saved static grid posts of photo, video, Instagram Reels or IGTV.
  • Must tag/include @swaypayit and #swaypayit in the caption as well as the required retailer tags.
  • Must follow @swaypayit so we can view the posts
  • Must post the required number of posts per item.
  • All required posts must be published and uploaded to the shopper’s Swaypay dashboard within 30 days from purchase.
  • Post must remain live for 30 days after posting.
Posting Guidelines: Accepted:
  • Vibrant lighting
  • Products in full frame - worn or still life
  • Creative captions
  • Filters and Instagram Reels editing
  • Using their own tags and hashtags in addition to Swaypay and retailer requirements
Not Accepted:
  • Explicit content
  • Blurry images
  • Products not fully visible in frame
  • Content they don't own
  • Dark lighting
  • Posts that aren’t also uploaded to their Swaypay dashboard

Who monitors the posts generated by Swaypay shoppers?

Swaypay monitors all the posts. We make sure that shoppers not only post, but also follow all post guidelines. We periodically remind shoppers through email notifications to complete their posts. If they don't, we automatically charge shoppers the remaining order balance.

How do you determine the number of required posts per Swaypay purchase?

You, the retailer, set the number of required posts per order. It must be a minimum of 1 post per order. Swaypay recommends 1 post to optimize conversion and maintain post authenticity.

How do you determine the required the required tags and hashtags?

You, the retailer, determine the required tags and hashtags a customer uses in their Swaypay posts. You can update these at any time based on any campaign hashtags you may want to use. The only required tags and hashtags are @swaypayit and #swaypayit. These are required so Swaypay can track and monitor the posts. If these are not included, the post will neither be seen nor approved.

How can I view my Swaypay posts?

You can view Swaypay shopper posts by viewing your tagged posts or hashtags. If the caption also includes @swaypayit or #swaypayit, it is a Swaypay post. Note that only PUBLIC posts will show up this way. You’ll be able to view all your Swaypay posts in your retailer dashboard soon. Stay tuned for details on this feature launch!

Can I set my own Post Guidelines?

The magic of Swaypay is in giving shoppers the creative freedom to hype up their favorite products. This is why the current post guidelines are set to optimize post quality (lighting, crisp photos, smiling) rather than dictate what should be in the posts. You, the retailer, can set the tags, hashtags and minimum number of posts.

What if Swaypay shoppers delete their posts?

It is a rare occurrence, but customers are allowed to delete posts 30 days after posting. The posts visibility diminishes significantly after 48 hours so 30 days is more than enough time for your brand to shine!

Can I use the posts generated through Swaypay for marketing?

Yes! Shoppers give you usage rights to their content generated through Swaypay at checkout. This includes:

  1. Reposting content
  2. Running ads with the content
  3. Using the content in your marketing campaigns (ie: email newsletters)

How can I vew my Swaypay shoppers' posts?

You can view Swaypay customer posts by viewing your tagged posts or hashtags. If the caption also includes @swaypayit or #swaypayit, it is a Swaypay post. You’ll be able to view your Swaypay posts in your retailer dashboard soon. Stay tuned for details on this feature launch!

How do I view posts if a shopper's Instagram is private?

Shoppers are required to accept Swaypay’s Instagram follow request if their account is private. Swaypay will upload the posted content to your Swaypay dashboard so you can view. You may also request to follow the shopper, but the shopper is not required to accept retailer account requests.

Stripe Integration

If I don't have a Stripe account can I still use Swaypay?

Yes, you will have the option to create a Stripe account during your account set-up. You must have or create a Stripe account to use Swaypay. It is a quick and easy set up. Create your free Stripe account here.

Am I charged Stripe's transaction fees if I use Swaypay?

Yes - the Swaypay fee includes Stripe's transaction fees.

Can Swaypay access my Stripe transactions?

Swaypay only sees your Swaypay related Stripe transactions. This allows us to complete the auto-charge of the remaining order balance when shoppers don't post.

How does Swaypay integrate with Stripe?

We use Stripe Connect to enable retailers to accept payments through Swaypay. When you sign up to be a Swaypay retailer, we create a user Account (referred to as a connected account) so we can accept payments and move funds to your Stripe account.

Why does Swaypay require a Stripe integration?

We built Swaypay on top of Stripe's powerful platform to offer the easiest, most secure way to process transactions.

Shopify Integration

What access does Swaypay have to my Shopify store?

You will receive a Partner's access request from Swaypay at the final step of integration. Upon granting access to that request, Swaypay only receives developer’s access to your themes so our team can integrate the Swaypay button to your site. Swaypay only installs the button to a draft theme and never manipulates your live store. You will review all integrations in the draft theme prior to publishing live. Swaypay will process a real order transaction as part of our quality assurance testing. Our team will subsequently cancel this order afterwards. This order, while cancelled, will still appear in your Shopify order history. You will be reimbursed for any and all stripe fees related to Swaypay initiated QA transactions. Swaypay does not have full access to your Shopify store at any point.

If I use Shopify Shipping through the Shopify Fulfillment Network, can I still use Swaypay?

Swaypay does not currently work with the Shopify Shipping and fulfillment network. You can still integrate Swaypay as a payment option but you will have to create separate shipping settings for your Swaypay orders.

If I make any changes to my Shopify theme, does Swaypay automatically map over to my new theme?

If you make any changes or updates to your Shopify theme, contact One of our developers can swiftly map over Swaypay to your new theme. Swaypay will automatically map over to any theme changes in the near future. Stay tuned for updates!

Why is Swaypay an unlisted Shopify app?

Swaypay's robust functionality requirements extend beyond the capabilities of what can be built on the Shopify app store. For example, being able to review all of the posts generated through Swaypay and automatically charge shoppers for not meeting their requirements is not a feasible build within Shopify's public app abilities.

Will I still be charged the Shopify transaction fee on Swaypay orders?

No, you will only be charged the Stripe fee (2.9% + $0.30) as your transaction is being processed through Swaypay, not Shopify. However, all of your order information, data and revenue will still be recorded in Shopify.

How does Swaypay impact my Shopify analytics?

Swaypay orders populate as any other order in your Shopify dashboard. That said, Swaypay orders can show up as abandoned carts on your Shopify analytics. If you notice anything funky going on, don't hesitate to contact and we'll work to resolve any discrepancies asap.

How does the second charge appear in my Shopify dashboard if a customer doesn't post?

If a customer fails to post, they will be charged the difference between their discounted price and the original full price. Please note, this will incur a second stripe charge. The second charge total will appear in your Shopify order analytics as an adjusted total to the original order.

Returns, Refunds, & Order Management

How do I issue a return or refund for a Swaypay order?

Returns, refunds, and exchanges are handled by and in accordance with your policies. Shoppers must first contact and process a return through you, the retailer. As soon as you process the return, refund or exchange, simply log into your Swaypay dashboard, look for the order, click “Issue Refund” and follow the steps. Please reach out to us at for help. Upon Swaypay being notified, the customer will be automatically refunded that amount and their pending posts cancelled. Swaypay does not have visibility to any shipping details and cannot provide support beyond payment processing.

When do shoppers get their refund?

Refunds may take several business days to process once Swaypay has been notified of them by the retailer. In rare cases during a return, some retailers will no longer be a Swaypay partner. If you, the retailer, choose to deactivate your account with Swaypay, we no longer have a relationship with this retailer and the refund process is different. Contact the retailer directly to issue the refund directly.

Where can I see my Swaypay orders?

Your Swaypay orders will show in two places:

  1. Shopify Dashboard - they will show up like any other order. Swaypay is acknowledged as a payment method so you will see Swaypay orders tagged with Swaypay as the payment method the shopper chose.
  2. Swaypay Dashboard - this is your mission control for all Swaypay orders. You'll be able to view your orders, the social posts, the auto-charge status, and more.


Does Swaypay allow shipping integrations with third-party apps?

Not yet but we are building out that functionality. If you have any requests for 3rd party app integrations, please reach out at

How do I set up shipping rates?

Simply copy your Shopify shipping settings into your Swaypay shipping settings dashboard. To set-up or change your Swaypay shipping information to reflect what is offered on your site, go to Settings > Shipping & Delivery > Manage Rates > Shipping To. Here, you’ll find your Domestic and Rest of the World rates. Copy over the names of your rates and the associated prices in this section to your Swaypay shipping information.

I only sell digital products. How can I remove shipping?

Shopify requires a shipping address to be submitted with orders created using a third-party app. A recommendation is to change the verbiage on this page so it does not say 'Shipping Address'. You can also use CSS to hide the Different billing address than shipping address option on the second page of checkout. Please reach out to us at and our engineers will help you with this.

Why do I have to set up separate shipping settings for Swaypay?

Because Swaypay processes orders outside of Shopify, you need to set Swaypay-specific shipping prices. Simply copy your Shopify shipping settings into your Swaypay dashboard. If you need help, just reach out to and we're happy to help you do it!

Setting Discounts

Can a customer combine Swaypay with other promotions?

No, Swaypay is independent of your other sitewide promotions. We recommend that you offer the steepest promotion through Swaypay since you are receiving something of equal and often greater value in exchange.

Can I exclude certain products from being eligible for Swaypay?

Swaypay discounts are applied site wide and you cannot exclude certain items from eligibility. However, if you offer subscription or subscription box services on your site through third party services, such as Recharge, Swaypay will not support these items, skus or variant selections. Swaypay will still appear and apply on items that are one-time purchase items, but not subscription-based items.

Can I apply different discounts to different products?

Currently, you cannot apply different discounts to different products at the moment. Discounts apply site wide.

Can I offer something other than discounts?

Currently, you cannot offer something other than a percentage based discount. However, our team is developing new features all the time. If you’d like to see an alternative to a % discount, let us know in our chat box or email We’d love to hear from you!

How does Swaypay apply to mark-down or sale items?

Swaypay cannot be combined with any other discount promo codes, but it can be applied to markdown items. If you have a markdown or sale price entered into the Shopify compared price, the Swaypay discount will apply to the lower sale price.

Can Swaypay be combined with other alternative payment methods I offer on my site? (Ie: Quadpay, Klarna, Afterpay)

If a customer chooses to pay using Swaypay, they cannot use any additional alternative payment methods for that purchase. Similar to some other alternative payment methods, the Swaypay button appears on the individual product pages. However, unlike other alternative payment methods, the Swaypay button appears in the cart, not the checkout processing page.


Swaypay is a payment option that plugs into storefronts and lets shoppers use social media posts as currency directly at the point of sale.

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Twitter