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Check out with Swaypay at your favorite stores to unlock major discounts by posting your purchases on Instagram after they matter how many followers you have.

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Check out with Swaypay

Pay with Swaypay at participating retailers and enter your IG handle to unlock your discount

Get your order and post it on Instagram

Get your order and get creative! Showcase your order on Instagram within 30 days.

Submit your post within 30 days

Submit your post to Swaypay. If you don't, you'll be charged the difference of the discount.


Featured Retailers

There are so many retailers where you can use Swaypay. Here are a few we think are fun right now:


We’re serious about security and protecting you

We don't sell your data

Swaypay is committed to consumer privacy. We never have and we never will sell your data to businesses or third parties. Period.

We don't store your card

Swaypay doesn’t store any credit or banking information. All credit and debit card transactions are processed by Stripe (a service where billions of transactions are processed by leading institutions) via their highly secure tokenization and vaulting systems.)

Swaypay is secure

We use bank-level security (256-bit encryption) to ensure your information is safe and secure. We use Multi-Factor and Two-Factor Authentication to prevent unauthorized access, so your identify is safe.

"Lightbulbs exploding with flashes in my brain. Perfect marriage of payments, discounts, earned media, and trusted influence. Genius product."

—  Mike Dudads, Head of Mobile BD at Venmo


Brands show you love when you show them love


Look for Swaypay at participating stores to unlock your savings

If you're shopping at a participating store, Swaypay will show up on product pages, and in your shopping cart. Split your payment - part cash, part "sway."


Checkout with Swaypay and save instantly.

Use your existing credit or debit card to complete your discounted purchase with Swaypay.


Post your order on Instagram after it arrives and keep the post up for at least 30 days.

Get creative and don'! If you don't post by your due date, or if you delete your post before 30 days you'll be charged the difference. 😳

Happy Swaypay Shoppers


Swaypay is a payment option that plugs into storefronts and lets shoppers use social media posts as currency directly at the point of sale.

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