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Pay with social posts.

(Whether you have 1 or 1M followers)

Text 847-915-1271 to join our BETA and win a $100 shopping spree. Spots are limited.

Sound too good to be true? Maybe even a little Black Mirror-esque?

Social media has given everyone a new form of influence, or "sway", that brands are eager to utilize. Swaypay lets you save money by helping your favorite brands shine.

How to #swaypayit



Look for the Swaypay button at participating stores to unlock your savings

If you're shopping at a participating store, Swaypay will be listed as a payment option in your shopping cart. Split your payment - part cash, part "sway."


Checkout with Swaypay and earn your savings instantly.

Use your existing credit or debit card to complete your discounted purchase with Swaypay.


Post your item(s) on social media after your order arrives.

Get creative and like a broken record, don'! If you don't post by your due date, you'll be charged the remaining order balance. 😳

Decide which stores we launch on next!

We're hard at work partnering with new stores daily and gearing up for launch. Text 847-915-1271 to request a specific store or vote below.


Why shoppers love Swaypay

Bella M. in Chicago

Swaypay is especially great for when I want to try something from an up and coming brand that doesn't usually give big discounts. It's a win win!

Will G. in San Francisco

This would be the only way I pay for things if I could.

Kari T. in Atlanta

Swaypay makes every day Black Friday plus I feel almost like a co-creator of the products I buy with it!

Still sound unreal? Check our

Swaypay is a payment option that plugs into storefronts and lets shoppers use social media posts as currency directly at the point of sale.

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